Roadmap Update January 2017

2017 is well underway! We hope you all made a great start to the new year once the lights went out ? Here at Studio 397 we’ve jump-started our new year full of ambition. In with the new, out with the old: don’t forget our migrate to Steam for free offer will end on January 31st, 2017.


As we have already revealed last month, DX11 development is ahead of schedule. We have migrated much of the engine, and although there are certainly still quite a few things to do and it’s far from a straight port, we’re taking advantage of this opportunity to fix some long-standing issues. We are updating the overall look of the graphics. Lighting improvements include a new HDR tonemapper to achieve better color balance and more saturated colors, which interacts nicely with our dynamic sky model (adding contrast to our clouds). We are also updating the entire shadow system (faster and better looking shadows) and adding some ambient occlusion techniques that provide more dynamic shadows in areas such as engine bays, the underside of tyres, and parts of the inside of the marshal hut. Here are some sneak-peek shots of our work in progress. They do not, of course, reflect the finished product, but we wanted to show you where we are right now.





American GP


SLS Integration

Nächstes Rennen


Letztes Rennen


1.  Alex Woitala 1:29:54.019
2.  Henning Wollert + 42.724
3.  Ersin Pinar + 51.264

Schnellste Rennrunde

Henning Wollert 1:32.424



1.  Alex Woitala 183
2.  Henning Wollert 159
3.  Dirk Kressner 122
4.  Martin Fuhrmann 96
5.  Peter Grau 90
6.  Joern Dreier 77
7.  Ersin Pinar 35
8.  Hans-Rainer Paul 30
9.  Jan Sichting 30
10.  Tobias Stolp 20



1.  Haas F1 Team 255
2.  McLaren-Honda 199
3.  Williams Martini F1 196
4.  Mercedes GP 90
5.  Sauber F1 Ferrari 55
6.  Renault F1 Team 35
7.  Torro Rosso Renault 30
8.  Force India-Mercedes 30
9.  Red Bull Renault 11